What is Certification?

The accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training Program. It helps to reassure that you are in well-qualified hands.

Our certification mark (CFP) recognises a graduate of an accredited training program, allowing them to use the registered trademarks: ‘Feldenkrais Method®’ and ‘Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®’. To maintain CFP recognition, a practitioner needs 30 hours of Continuing Education activities during the previous 12 months.


Certification establishes a group of guaranteed baseline quality assured graduates of an accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training Program (FPTP).

It provides a recognized insignia by which fully certified practitioners may be identified. Further, it offers an avenue for removing ‘bogus’ practitioners. It also provides a pool of practitioners who have a measured track record of attending continuing education

Why is CFP important to you?

It helps to reassure that you are in well-qualified hands. Our CFP logo recognises me and reassures you, I am a bona fide Feldenkrais Practitioner.

The CFP trademark makes a distinction between me and ‘bogus’ practitioners, and as such is a reassurance to you as a client that I am an accountable service provider. People who purport to be a trained Feldenkrais Practitioners or who use the registered trademark ‘Feldenkrais Method®’ without having graduated from a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program (FPTP) may be sued for misrepresenting themselves as Feldenkrais Practitioners.

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