The Body Moves

Vibrant Health is your most important asset.

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What’s stopping you from feeling great?

Well coordinated, fluid and easy body movements resolve muscular and joint friction, tension, stiffness, tightness and pain … Rediscover the long lost fluidity, freedom, fun and flexibility you once had.

Feldenkrais ‘exercises’ improve your ability to do what you want in life. Whether it is a better posture in sitting or standing, easing neck and back pain, improving your vision or developing a stronger sense of self-awareness, Feldenkrais can help.

Would you like to feel better … in the garden? walking / running? any favourite sporting or moving activity?

Find out:

Feldenkrais is very “experiential”.
It is best experienced first hand.
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Would you like to feel more comfort, less pain, better posture, greater ease in moving?  Are you interested in improving your balance, flexibility, quality of your breathing, and vitality for life?  Would you like to fully participate in the sports or activities you love – no matter what your age?

The method is not medicine, not chiropractic, not massage, not yoga; instead it is a powerful, innovative and effective learning system. You learn how to replace old redundant movement patterns (painful or ineffective) with newer more useful ones.  You will discover you have the capacity to become more skillful and improve the quality of your life as you evolve and mature.

The Feldenkrais Method® stems from a simple reality: once you feel how your body  moves you can use the information to improve the action… and create new ones.


Feldenkrais on the Gold Coast